Watch this YouTubers React episode on BTS music videos and see why the BTS Army loves them

How much do you know BTS, the Korean boyband that is conquering not only Korea and Asia but the whole world? If you’re new to the group, this YouTubers React episode from Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE)will give you a pretty good picture of what BTS is like as artists, as seen through their music videos.

After coming from the high of winning the Top Social Artist Award during the Billboard Music Awards 2017 in May, besting Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, among others, you might be more curious about just what made their fandom push the Korean band all the way to the top. Well, a short but effective introduction to the group would be possible with this almost 15-minute YouTube video.

Instead of reading all about BTS’ history, why not watch it play out on your screen?

FBE gathered some of the popular YouTubers to get their reaction while watching six BTS music videos and posted the reaction on July 2.

First up was BTS’ “No More Dream” video published in July 11, 2013. We agree, Rap Monster is indeed a cool name and yes, BTS proved through this MV that they can also pull off gangster looks while maintaining their cool, stylish appearance. And just like YouTuber Wengie, it is likely that you would also have a hard time picking your favourite. One reason to love BTS? They know how to balance things so as not to lose themselves too much to being a gangster or to being too stylish and other extremes.

Second up was the MV for “We Are Bulletproof,” BTS MVs can totally hook you in. Look at those YouTubers Brooklyn and Bailey as they said that they would easily dance to this BTS song. Who wouldn’t? BTS and their dancey tunes will make you a part of the Army for life.

In the “Boy In Luv” music video, BTS had this bad boy look going. However, a YouTuber was right when he said that the boys sounded aggressive on the outside but actually looked soft. BTS members are pretty and adorable, especially where mixing various musical genre is concerned.

When it comes to choreography, BTS more than proved that they can leave their audience slack-jawed with their dancing prowess, as what was shown in their MV for “Fire.” And just like the YouTubers, the BTS Army wants more out of their idols, too.

And one of our favorites, “Spring Day,” also made it to this YouTubers react episode. BTS showed how much range they have through this song, another reason why the Army adores them, not to mention how great their skin is, as per one YouTuber.

With “Not Today,” the video might be intimidating at first but it’s hard not to bop along to the beat. No wonder the YouTubers loved the song and was impressed by the music, not to mention the suit-throwing choreography. It’s easy to see why the song can become a favourite, even to the uninitiated ones. If you want to stay pumped, this song is the best one for you.

BTS is the whole package! They have passion, talent (as they write and produce a lot of their songs), looks, style, and attitude to respect the team behind them as well as their fans. Of course, the fact that the BTS also use their songs to address social issues is a huge point in their scorecard.

Feel free to squeal and fangirl over BTS in the comments section here.

Watch the video here:

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