Watch NBA star Stephen Curry try to score against a giant inflatable on court

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry and his younger brother and Mavericks guard Seth Curry would likely not forget what they had to play against in South Korea – a 10-foot inflatable defender on the basketball court.

Their appearance on the South Korean variety show Infinite Challenge to show off their basketball skills. The Curry brothers were up against five of the cast members of the show, considering the fact that Steph holds the two-time MVP title and his brother is a skilled guard in his own right.

However, the show went all out when it comes to preparing their surprise defenders because they used huge inflatable puppets to stop the Curry brothers from scoring. Two of the inflatables were situated on either side of the basket, distracting the brothers with their waving arms and keeping them from taking a clean shot. The third and last inflatable defender proved to be more difficult to take on at 10 feet tall and controlled by one of the opponents.

But Steph showed off what a two-time champion is made of as he was able to get past five human defenders and scored against the inflatable defenders by making an impressive layup. You can see it at the 1:04 mark.

An Infinite Challenge staff said the brothers had fun during the show.

“Global basketball stars Stephan Curry and Seth Curry had a lot of fun, showing their skills and taking half-court shots before going head-to-head with the ‘Infinite Challenge’ cast,” the staff said.

Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk was also invited as a guest during the episode. He was seen fanboying over the NBA star, along with the cast of the variety show.


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