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Villain in K-drama ‘Suspicious Partner’ says he nearly died after getting assaulted on the streets

Korean actor Dong Ha of the recently concluded drama Suspicious Partner revealed that he was once beaten to the point of almost losing his life.

He talked about his scary experience on MBC’s Radio Star, explaining that he was assaulted by a complete stranger on the streets. He said that he could have died due to a ruptured kidney if he had not gotten to the hospital fast enough. Dong Ha added that he was hit by not only fists but also blunt weapons.

Dong Ha was preparing for his art high school entrance exam, which was then two weeks away during the assault. His doctor advised him to rest and heal instead of taking up the exams but he refused, adding that he would regret it for the rest of his life if he would let the opportunity pass. The strong-willed actor pushed through with the exam despite the threat from his doctor about the possibility of him dying ‘on the way to take the exams.’

The actor made it to the entrance exams despite his injuries, but he unfortunately failed. Still, he said that his desire to pursue his dream to act was greater than his failure.

“I’ve made it this far, because I never gave up on my dream,” he said, as quoted by a report.

Dong Ha’s will and perseverance have paid off, seeing as how he is now one of the rising Korean actors, especially after his role in Suspicious Partner as a killer.

Some netizens joked that this could be the reason why Dong Ha’s character in Suspicious Partner was fond of beating and killing other people and of course, they did not forget to praise how he slayed in his villain role.

Others talked about how much of a scene-stealer he was.

Aside from Suspicious Partner, Dong Ha also had roles in K-dramas such as Chief Kim, Cinderella and the Four Knights, A Beautiful Mind, and Glamorous Temptation, among others.


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