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Look! Song Joong Ki and Song Kye Kyo’s Wedding Invitation and What We Know About the Couple

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s big day is fast approaching! We can’t wait for it to be October 31 already, even if we cannot witness the Korean superstar couple’s private wedding.

But what we have known so far can give us a glimpse of what the to-be-wedded couple is like.

Wedding Invitation

The “Descendants of the Sun” leads have sent out their wedding invitations for their union at the Shilla Seoul. And what do you say? The invitations show the couple’s simple, refined taste as they were wrapped with a white ribbon and decorated with green vines and heart-shaped stickers.

The couple’s message to their guests also went like this:

“Finally found the right person we have been waiting for a long time. Please come and share with us on this joyful day your wisdom and courage that you’ve learned along the journey of your life. Your enlightenment will guide us to walk through our own adventure.”

Here are some of the photos of the wedding invitations, as provided by Ming Pao News and Newspim.

Song Joong Ki and Song Kye Kyo’s Wedding Invitation 2


Song Joong Ki and Song Kye Kyo’s Wedding Invitation 2


Wedding Day

The Song-Song couple will tie the knot at 4 pm on October 31 at the Shilla Seoul hotel, a popular wedding venue for many celebrities.

Wedding Photoshoot

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo were spotted at the LAX airport on September 3 and were reported to have held their wedding photoshoot in San Francisco. Their agencies confirmed their trip to the US and described it as something the couple did for “personal matters.”

Some news outlets pointed out an Instagram post by Song Hye Kyo featuring the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, captioned with, “San Francisco after 11 years… Feels like autumn… So nice…”

San Francisco after 11 years… Feels like autumn… So nice…🍷

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It was reported that San Francisco was quite a special city for the couple because they visited it privately in 2016.

Paris Trip and Pregnancy Rumors

In late September, the couple was spotted walking around in Paris like the lovers that they are. Some fans eagerly shared photos of the two shopping at a department store. Despite being on vacation, the two still took the time to pose for fan photos.



However, these are the very same photos of Song Hye Kyo in her huge gray coat that sparked rumors among netizens that she might be pregnant. Can we really expect a mini Song Joong Ki or Song Hye Kyo in a few months’ time?

However, this is not the first time the couple had to deal with pregnancy rumors. Shortly after their marriage news was announced, rumors surfaced that Song Hye Kyo might be pregnant. Her agency denied the rumors.

New House

Some reports said that the couple will likely move in to the 4,000-square feet abode in Itaewon, Seoul that Song Joong Ki bought before they formally announced their upcoming wedding. The two-storey house was said to have been remodeled to look like a new home.

According to reports, Song Joong Ki bought a very expensive property in Itaewon in January, estimated to be around $10 billion won (roughly almost $9 million). It was said to be a 602-square-metter property.

Are you counting down the days to the Song-Song wedding too?





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