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Just like ordinary people! Song Joong Ki says he was nervous during marriage proposal to Song Kye Kyo

Song Joong Ki revealed that he was just as nervous as any person out there when he proposed to Song Hye Kyo because really, they are just like any other ordinary couple, he said.

Song Joong Ki said so during an interview that aired on KBS “Entertainment Weekly” on August 4.

The actor also revealed that he prepared for the day of the proposal itself.

“I just remember that I was really nervous [when proposing]. While we may be actors who are known to many people, we are no different from any other couple when it comes to love. It really wasn’t anything extraordinary, although it was something very special to us,” he said.

But who wouldn’t be nervous during such a milestone in one’s life? When you propose marriage, you are proposing not only with a ring but also with the rest of your life to spend it together with that special someone.

Aside from doing similar things at one point in their lives, such as hosting “Music Bank,” the actor also pointed out other similarities between him and his fiancée.

“[For example,] the dramas we like to watch are consistently the same. These days, we are watching “Father is Strange,” and the couple we like in the show is the same as well,” he added.

Reports said that Song Joong Ki decided to propose to Song Hye Ko at a restaurant in Japan in front of friends and staff. The employees at the restaurant later said that the SongSong couple celebrated the momentous event with a large engagement party.

There was certainly cheering, especially when Song Joong Ki gave her a bouquet of flowers, revealed the restaurant employee. The employee also said that the photos Dispatch released were taken in Japan on the couple’s engagement day.


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