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Contrary to reports, Song Hye Kyo won’t be able to attend Song Joong Ki’s film screening

Song Hye Kyo’s agency said that unlike what reports are saying, the actress won’t be able to join her fiancée, Song Joong Ki, during the screening of his latest film “The Battleship Island.”

Song-Song couple fans rejoiced over the news that the engaged couple might make their first appearance after their engagement news on the VIP film screening on July 20.

But on July 18, a source from United Artists Agency (UAA), Song Hye Kyo’s agency, said that the actress will be abroad on the day of the film screening.

“Song Hye Kyo is taking part in overseas schedules that were planned beforehand. She will be returning to Korea next week, so she will not be able to attend the VIP film screening of ‘The Battleship Island,’ which will be held on July 20,” the insider allegedly said, according to new reports.

A news outlet earlier said that Song Hye Kyo’s name was included in the attendance list for ‘The Battleship Island’ VIP film screening.

Anticipation has built up over reports about the first joint appearance of the two since they announced their upcoming marriage this October. Fans were already speculating about whether the couple would be pictured together when the cast and the guests of the screening are supposed to take separate photos.

Song Joong Ki recently revealed that he and Song Kye Kyo call each other ‘honey’ or jakiyaHow sweet is that? But he said that this endearment is bound to change once they’re married. Yes, we know, you can squeal as much as you’d like over thoughts of how cute their Song-Song baby would be!

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