Have you outgrown the finger heart sign? EXO’s D.O. offers a new way to make a heart

Korean celebrities have made the finger heart sign trend that even non-Koreans are doing it nowadays.

But if you are looking for new ways to make a heart sign, you might want to follow EXO’s D.O.

When EXO won for their newest single “KOKOBOP” on Music Bank for the third time, all the members tried to make unique heart signs, fulfilling their promise to their fans if they win at the music program.

The other members had fun poses, but D.O.’s was quite unique.

You can only decipher what he was really trying to show if you see the shape that his hands, posed high above his head, were trying to make. It might seem as though he’s praying at first look.

But at a closer look, he was actually making an inverted heart. How creative!

Image :

Earlier this month, D.O. took home the Rookie of the Year Award at the ‘2017 Korean Movie Shining Star Awards’ for his role in the movie “Hyung.”

Keep shining with your true unique self, D.O.!

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