Loveable Alien Professor Kim Soo Hyun Is in the Philippines!

Did you miss the stoic-faced yet adorable alien professor from the K-drama My Love From The Star?

Well, he is surely under the same skies and probably watching the same star now that he is in Manila for what some netizens believe to be a Samsung event.

Imagine? Some lucky Filipino fans actually got a glimpse of the Korean actor at the airport on Wednesay, May 24.

Kimm Soo Hyun starred in Korean TV dramas such as “Dream High,” “Moon Embracing The Sun,” “My Love From The Star,” and “The Producers.”

Raoul C. Esperas was able to get a few seconds of Kim Soo Hyun arriving at the airport in Manila.

Here are also some photos of him wearing a cap:

This is not the first time Kim Soo Hyun has visited the Philippines. In August 2016, it was reported that he came to the Philippines because his mom allegedly had a business in Manila. He was a teenage model then. The story all sprang from a picture of a young Kim Soo Hyun with who appeared to be a Filipino, assumed to be his Filipina English tutor. 

Now, this is giving us an idea to probably try our hand in teaching English to Koreans. This might just broaden our horizon and help us get closer to our dream of teaching and getting to know our oppa, and a Korean actor oppa at that.


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