Let’s Celebrate International Cat Day With These 18 Photos of Korean Idols with Their Cats

Today is International Cat Day and every furry friend in the world deserves to be celebrated extra special and we’re sure these Korean idols are probably celebrating today with their pet cats, too! Here are 20 idols with their beloved pets.

  1. Girls’ Generation Sunny and Sogeum
Image: Wonderful Generation


  1. Super Junior Heechul and Heebum
Image: Pinterest


  1. Sulli and Morae, Dooli and Bleenie
Image: Naver



  1. f(x) Amber and Tuna


  1. AOA Jimin and Kkuleu
Image: Reddit


  1. INFINITE L and Star
Image: Soompi
Image: Pinterest


  1. INFINITE Sungyeol and Jureumi
Image: Daily Kpop News
Image: Kpopselca


  1. Yongguk&Sihyun’s Yongguk and Tolbi


  1. AOA Chanmi and Gureumi
Image: Amino
Image: Twitter


  1. 2PM Chansung and Jeonggam
Image: Soompi


  1. CNBLUE Minhyuk and Dadda and Chichi
Image: Kpopstarz

그래, 너. 너 말이야. 너 이야기 하고있단다.

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  1. Girl’s Day Yura and Koya

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  1. SISTAR Hyorin and Leno, Heung Nyeo, Lego, and Simba


  1. GOT7 JB and Nora, Kunta, and Odd


  1. Sandara and Thunder’s Dadoong

Doong morning 🙂

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Image: Soompi


  1. 2PM Junho and Ggomengi and more cats


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A post shared by REAL JUNHO LEE (@le2jh) on


  1. KARA’s Goo Hara and Pico and Chacha


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Image: Pinterest


  1. Lee Hyori and her cats

Image: Kpopstarz

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