Lee Jong Suk postpones military enlistment to continue with his master’s degree

Lee Jong Suk is really serious with his studies, so much so that he reportedly postponed his enlistment date to pursue a master’s degree.  

According to earlier reports, the actor was asked to enlist on August 10 and receive basic training. However, Lee Jong Suk revealed his plan to earn his master’s degree in film acting first.  

Lee Jong Suk graduated from Konkuk University in February with a Film Acting degree and has since expressed his desire to further his studies.  

The actor also said that he would like to focus more on promoting his movie, VIP, and drama with Bae Suzy, While You Were Sleeping 

In preparation for his enlistment, Lee Jong Suk completed his physical exam, although he was later declared unfit to serve on active duty due to his previous knee injury. Once his enlistment is confirmed, he will likely serve as a social welfare worker, according to his agency YG Entertainment.  

Lee Jong Suk not only graduated with a degree in Film Studies last February, but he was also appointed as the “Konkuk University Honorary Ambassador.” According to the university, the actor never failed to attend the entrance ceremony to address the incoming freshmen and give them encouragement. This was how the school chose him as an ambassador – for promoting the school and for showcasing his talents.

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