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Kang Ha Neul says latest movie reminds him of Kim Woo Bin, wishes for his friend’s recovery

Actor Kang Ha Neul revealed his latest film made him recall what it was like to shoot a movie with his friend, Kim Woo Bin.

During his interview for the promotion of his movie Midnight Runners on July 28, Kang Ha Neul said, “Maybe it’s because the movie reminds me of Twenty, but I think of Kim Woo Bin a lot, even right now.”

“While we were filming Twenty, I didn’t know that Kim Woo Bin was fighting cancer. I learned about that after,” he added.

Kang Ha Neul said that he would send messages to his friend, small reminders to take care of himself.

“I did exchange everyday messages with Kim Woo Bin like ‘Careful not to catch a cold,’ ‘Don’t get hurt during the shoot.’ That’s why it’s even more heartbreaking. I really hope for him to get well with all my heart,” the actor said.

Reports said Kim Woo Bin has completed his first round of chemotherapy and is preparing for the next one.

In May, Kang Ha Neul wrote his heartfelt message to Kim Woo Bin on Instagram after his friend was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer.

“My heart hurts and I get worried when one of my family members even catches a cold… My friend is currently going through a difficult time because of a rare disease. I knew about his diagnosis in advance but, now that many others know, I am writing this post to request something [of the public]. They say that if you genuinely have a clear heart and good intentions, you can create a miracle. I ask that you encourage my friend and request that you say things with a warm heart and kind intentions,” Kang Ha Neul wrote.

“We always said we would go get a drink together at some point but, because of our busy lives, I was unable to take care of my friend and for that I am very apologetic [to him]. My friend maintains his humor and wit, despite the unfortunate situation he has been handed. I hope that he is able to move forward without losing his smile,” he added.

“Woo Bin, I love you. Hang in there. Let’s continue to smile,” Kang Ha Neul concluded his message to Kim Woo Bin.

Aside from Kang Ha Neul, Kim Woo Bin’s other actor friends such as Kim Young Kwang and Lim Joo Hwan have expressed support for him. His girlfriend, Shin Min Ah, has also been seen staying by the actor’s side throughout his cancer treatment.

Kim Woo bin, fighting!


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