Fans start countdown to SongSong couple’s big day

As soon as August came, SongSong fans started counting down the days until the couple’s wedding day.

“We are getting closer to SongSong’s big day. 90 days to go,” tweeted one fan on August 1.

“He gets to marry his ‘most cherished friend.’ THE BEST FEELING EVER!” another fan said. “D-Day 90 days to go!”

And each day is one step closer to the most awaited day in the SongSong fandom.

Song Joong Ki’s obviously on top of the world right now and it shows in his reaction when one fan congratulated him on his upcoming marriage with Song Hye Kyo.

And for those who were quite late into the SongSong ship, one fan wants to remind you to save the date – October 31, 2017.

Are you also crossing each date on your calendar until time comes for the SongSong couple to say “I do”?

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