Caught on Video! Ji Chang Wook Gets a Military Buzz Cut for August 14 Enlistment

Two days before enlisting, Ji Chang Wook shared a video showing him getting a military buzz cut.

The Korean actor posted a video of his hair cut on his Instagram account on August 12. The video showed him getting into a barber shop and getting his hair chopped off. The actor was playfully smiling throughout the video, which also offers a glimpse of his short haircut.


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Can you imagine how Ji Chang Wook would look like with this new cut?

Ji Chang Wook plans to enlist on August 14 at the Gangwon Province Training Center without much fanfare or interview.

The actor’s agency revealed that it was all down to Ji Chang Wook’s wishes.

“There will not be any official events on the day of enlistment. Gathering reporters and fans to say goodbye does not fit Ji Chang Wook’s personality,” said the agency.

Of his enlistment, Ji Chang Wook had this to say: “I can’t wait for life in the military. I’m enlisting pretty late, but I hope to have fun and stay healthy throughout the process.”


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Gorgeous oppa! This is how Ji Chang Wook looks like with a military buzz cut