Cat Ladies Rejoice! Goblin’s Gong Yoo Has Two Cats!

Those who loves cuddling with their snobbish, furry little creatures, raise your right hand!

All the cat mommies and Kpoppers out there have one reason to celebrate our love for our furry babies. We have at least one hot cat daddy among us in the person of Gong Yoo!

Did you know that he chose his two cats as the creatures that he would save if ever there’d be a zombie apocalypse?

Asked if something like a disaster as in his hit movie “Train to Busan” would happen, who would he save?

“I would choose my two cats. I think it would be really scary if they turned into zombie cats,” he said to the laughter of everyone in the audience during his first overseas fan meet in Taiwan on April 29.

When the host jokingly remarked how his parents would feel about this response, Gong Yoo wittingly said, “You asked for one person so… It’s hard to choose only one of my parents. If one of them gets bitten, I think it would be better for them to remain together.”

If your imagination isn’t enough to help you think about how the dazzling Gong Yoo probably looks like with his cats, here is a video showing the actor affectionately kissing a cat for his commercial for an air freshener brand.

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