Aww… Cat love! BTS Jimin’s cuddle with a cat might just be the cutest thing in the world

BTS Jimin makes us all wish we were the cat he was cuddling with in their Summer Package teaser.

Fans all over the world could not get enough of the heartwarming moment, so much so that one fan, @wavyfoxtrot, even made a fan art out of it.

Another BTS Army, @malizimayo, also posted another fan art with a more realistic approach.

But @milkahetalia wanted to take Jimin’s cat moment a step further, drawing him as a cat boy.

What could have happened behind-the-scene in the shoot? @jaunini had no problem imagining it, though.

Jimin’s moment with the lucky fur baby was only shown for about two seconds in the teaser, but it has affected so many of the BTS Army, who were gushing about it on Twitter.

@jiminupdates said “Oh how I wish I was a cat” and we couldn’t agree more! We feel you!

Soooo cute!

But @koumomochii thinks Jimin must have flustered the poor kitty.

@yoongicyber even compiled Jimin’s photos with cats.

You can watch the gushed about moment with the cat from 1:07 to 1:08 in the teaser below. You can also the lucky cat up close at 0:11.

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