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Who’s Missing Taecyeon? 2PM Members Visit Him After Completing Military Training

Attention, Hottests! Taecyeon completed his basic military training and was rewarded with a visit from some of his 2PM members.

On October 18, 2PM’s official twitter account shared photos of Taecyeon looking handsome in his military uniform together with Nichkhun, Wooyoung, and Chansung.

The group reunited in the ceremony as Taecyeon has completed basic military training. He will then start his service at his assignment.

The other two members, Junho and Jun. K weren’t around but didn’t miss the chance to see Taecyeon thru video calls. Both had other commitments to attend to.

Taecyeon can also be seen doing the salute in his solo shot, looking as dashing as ever.

Taecyeon is one of the many Korean actors who has enlisted this year, making K-pop fans miss a lot of their idols, oppas, and dongsaengs. He was last seen in the drama Let’s Fight Ghost before he started basic military training on September 4, which happened to be 2PM’s 9th anniversary.

Fans were in awe of Taec’s determination to serve in the military despite a slipped disk in his back. He even underwent two surgeries just so he could enlist. Now, that’s dedication!

Here’s the Twitter post from 2PM’s official Twitter page:

For those who don’t understand Hangeul, news site Koreaboo has translated it for us:

“[Taecyeon] Taecyeon looked healthier than ever! (with members) They caught up through video chat with Jun. K who had a schedule and Junho who was busy filming @CelebrationForTheEndOfHisTraining.”

How much are you missing Taec now? Those who own one of these Okcats are so lucky! At least they’ll have a Taec substitute to hug.





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